Pure 2007

Sudarshan Shetty
India: New Installations, Part 1, April 15 – November 25, 2007
PVC pipes, toilet, steel, glass, shelving, water, plastic tubing, pump, ceramic, video projection

About the Artist

Sudarshan Shetty received his BFA in painting from Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai. Shetty is one of India’s most innovative conceptual artists. Formally trained in painting, Shetty is perhaps best known for his large-scale mechanical installations, assemblages and multimedia works that investigate his preoccupation with universal dualities – life and death; desire and entropy; subtlety and spectacle; presence and absence; the macabre and the fantastic. Often working with incongruous materials, Shetty’s work is also frequently imbued with a sense of wit and whimsy. In drawing together seemingly disparate ideas and materials, Shetty plays with expectation and perception, entreating viewers to think beyond the present moment towards a more universal condition of existence.