Shadow 2012

Spike Wolff
Gestures 16: Intimate Friction, March 30 – November 30, 2012
aluminum screen

Curated by Mary Lou Arscott


Curated by Mary Lou Arscott

Artist Statement

I am interested in the relationship between image and object. This project maps and builds the light as shadow, materializing virtual image into built form. When light falls back upon the object, it eclipses the original ray of light to form a new shadow on the wall, and acts as camouflage to diffuse the object. In this way, light and shadow (the image) simultaneously reaffirms and dissembles the physical form (the object). In this construction and deconstruction of the visible, shadow fluctuates between object and image. The drawing side (south wall, on right as you enter gallery) maps the static light as illuminated by the street lamps at night. The dimensional side (north wall, to your left) maps the dynamic light as daylight tracks through the window.

About the Artist

Spike Wolff attended Carnegie Mellon University where she received both her BFA and Master of Architecture. Wolff is the Executive Director and Curator of the wats:ON? Festival Across the Arts. Wolff is also the Curator of the School of Architecture Lecture Series and the Director of the Pre-College program in Architecture. Wolff is interested in blurring the lines between architecture and art; Spike Wolff continually provokes new readings of our reality.