Slightly Different 2011

Ferhat Özgür
Neighbo(u)rhood: May 13 – September 11, 2011

Curated by Georgina Jackson


Curated by Georgina Jackson

About the Artist

Ferhat Özgür works in a variety of media, video, photography, painting and installation works. In his work he examines the role of subjectivity within today’s social, cultural and political geographies through everyday events and rituals. In earlier work, entitled I am like this 7 days of week (2004), he videoed himself waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing and yet when the green light appeared he walked up on the bonnets of the stationary cars and then walked on. Such slight insertions into daily routine, shifting from location to location, question the role of subjectivity within our geopolitical context and unhinge notions of the universal and the particular.