Still/Life 2001

Robin Minard
Visual Sound (Part I): Fall, 2001
piezo loudspeaker elements, lamp, cloth, column, 8-channel audio

Still Life 1996 8211 2000 consists of a square column that stands floor to ceiling A hanging ceiling light casts a sharp triangular shadow...


Still/Life, 1996 – 2000, consists of a square column that stands floor to ceiling. A hanging ceiling light casts a sharp triangular shadow that is filled with 3,000 speakers. The sound of sandpipers from six separate CDs gently rises from the floor.

Artist Statement

In Still/Life, countless numbers of small loudspeakers are arranged on the floor of the installation space. Since the time this work was first realized at the Het Apollohuis in Holland in 1996, the installation has taken several forms. The exact visual arrangement of the loudspeakers in the installation is not predefined, but in all works hundreds or thousands of small loudspeakers are laid to darken or accentuate specific areas of the floor of the exhibition space, or to exactly cover shadows cast by objects or columns already present or placed there. At the Mattress Factory a large column and a ceiling lamp were integrated into the space for this purpose. The shadow cast by the column is entirely filled with 3,000 small speakers which quietly broadcast an 8-channel carpet of sound.

About the Artist

Robin Minard addresses the effect of sound in the environment upon the physical and emotional well being of the listener. His sound installations are always site specific and attempt to alter the space in the same way that color and light affect it.

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