The Artist’s Uniform 2022

Pop-Aganda: Revolution & Iconography
Fabric, sewing machine

The Artist’s Uniform is professional work clothing, an identifying mark of the art community.


At this moment in time, the author/artist goes by Untitled– but the project remains. 

The Artist’s Uniform is professional work clothing, an identifying mark of the art community. Since 2014, Untitled has sewn more than 100 uniforms, each one made by hand, using individual measurements. All similar in some ways, yet very different in others: varied in color, button styles, pockets, the fabric itself. 

The design of the uniform itself is a simple unisex working coat with easy-to-spot pockets. The Artist’s Uniform main cut is based around a square, in tribute to early Soviet avant-garde artists such as Stepanova, Popova and Rodchenko. These artists broke the barrier between art and everyday life, turning utopian dreams into reality. 

Each uniform is closely related to the person wearing it. Since the project’s start, Untitled asks their colleagues to answer questions like “Why do you need The Artist’s Uniform?”, or “What does it mean to you?” Untitled turns the making of these uniforms into an artistic statement within itself. They reproduce their studio in different galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions. When participating in exhibitions, Untitled sews the uniforms during opening hours. As a result of their work with artists, they display the remaining fabric, the uniforms themselves, their workspace, as well as a representation of the context surrounding each uniform. 

The project has never been exhibited abroad. The Artist’s Uniform is worn by cultural workers from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Untitled aims to support social and professional connections with all those who have a Uniform.

Artist Statement

The project is not an attempt at a manifesto. The economic and political meanings behind the project are constantly shifting to better suit the current context. The terms on which The Artist’s Uniforms are made are always discussed with artists in advance. 

Untitled viewed the Mattress Factory show as a long-awaited opportunity to connect with artists from both Russia and the United States. Due to current circumstances, however, this exchange was frozen. The Artist Uniform project could only happen if all its participants were to gather in one space. 

The project has been temporarily suspended, with the artists still in agreement to participate. Untitled believes in the unity of the international artistic community. They hope to someday come to the Mattress Factory and continue working on the project internationally.

About the Artist

For their safety, the artist has redacted their name and will be referred to as “Untitled.”