Mostafa Sleem
Sites of Passage: Egypt and the US, September 9, 2011 – February 12, 2012
hand painted statement on wall by non-Arabic speaking U.S. artists’ hands

The present moment is only one of many many moments Now is the only thing you can never escape from The one that is...


The present moment is only one of many, many moments, Now is the only thing you can never escape from. The one that is certain, is Now. Since there is no escape from the Now, why not welcome it, become a friend of it? The Now is deeper than what happens on it. It is the space in which it happens. When you step into the Now, you step out of the content of your mind. The dream of thinking slows down. Gaps rise in between thoughts Spaciousness -Stillness. You begin to realize how much faster and deeper you are than your thoughts.


Curated by Tavia La Follette

About the Artist

Mostafa Sleem studied in Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University in Egypt, from 1998 until he graduated in May 2003, studying art. Mostafa participated in the Youth Salon, and the National Gallery Art at the Egyptian Opera House. He has published 30 booklets teaching children the art of drawing in the period between 2006 and 2008, to simplify the concepts of art and painting for children. He created illustrations for more than 100 children’s booklets, as well designed the book covers of renown Arabic writers such as Sonalla Abrahim and Ibrahim Abdel Qader El Mazni.