The Toil of Tilling 2008

Chris Lisowski
Gestures 11: Meet the Made, July 11 – August 31, 2008

TO OPERATE Stand to the left under the left wing of the locust With your right foot lightly step on the small black foot...


TO OPERATE: Stand to the left, under the left wing of the locust. With your right foot, lightly step on the small black foot pedal below the two metal tail ends to activate the magnetic arm. When depressed and activated, use the right arm handle to move the magnetic arm and pick up rice from the bowl. Use a twisting motion when the arm is raised to achieve movement to the left and right. Move the rice behind the rototiller and lift your foot off of the pedal. This cuts electricity to the magnet and the rice should fall. Use your left hand to twist the head from side to side.

Artist Statement

It was my hope in presenting this piece that people would envision the possibility of creating tools for the greater good of mankind. Instead of a swarm of locusts wreaking havoc and destruction across the land, this is a glimpse into a locust army that would cultivate in great force. If we would actively participate in the equal distribution of food and technology, famine will cease to exist.