Untitled Installation 1991

Tomoaki Ishihara
Three Japanese Artists: March 23 – June 30, 1991
photo emulsion on canvas, acrylic paint, transparencies, mirrored ball

In the first room he has stacked a spiral of canvases each one painted several times with the various layers dripping over the sides...


In the first room, he has stacked a spiral of canvases, each one painted several times, with the various layers dripping over the sides of the canvas. The final layer is painted blue. Some canvases bear a portion of the image of a photographic nude. Stacked in the spiral, the overlapping canvases form three complete figures, each of which appears to rise.

In the second room, a rotating mirrored ball reflects off a light set into the floor, covering the walls with moving circles of lights. A light box in the ceiling is constructed around the mirrored ball. It is built to illuminate a transparency of a rising figure.

Artist Statement

First, a hypothesis: “I am not a genius.” Second, a fact: “I have an ordinary body.” Third, a hope: “I wish to change history.” Fourth, a determination: “ I won’t ask God.” In this way I create myself and the details of the world working with awareness and love. I’m a common type of person you often come across.

About the Artist

Born in Osaka, Japan, 1959, lives and works in Osaka, Japan