What is YAMM?
YAMM, or Young Adult Maker Market, is a place for young makers and artists alike to sell the original work they’ve made. YAMM strives to help young makers and artists learn to self-manage, gain experience in the marketing of their own work, and grow as makers in the Pittsburgh art community. Shopping the market is open to all ages, but tabeling vendors must be 21 or younger, in an effort to showcase young makers voices and work. YAMM will be held at the Mattress Factory on May 9th 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM.


Applicant Questions
Applications close March 8th.


Who can apply? What are the application qualifications?
Anyone under the age of 21 with products they are willing to sell may apply. Applicants must be available the day of the Market for their application to be accepted, as they are going to have to stay with their table for the full length of the Market.

Applicants must accurately represent their work on the application, if they do not the Mattress Factory may prevent them from selling. Applicants are also not allowed to sell products displaying hate speech or inciting violence.


What kinds of work can be submitted? What art forms are accepted?
We are looking for all kinds of handmade products , not just painting or 2D art. We accept textile work, sculpture, chapbooks, wood working, jewelry, cosmetics and anything else you could
think of to create! We ask that all work submitted be original work made by the artist, and all likeness and imagery be the intellectual property of the artist. The Mattress Factory is a safe space, so no hate speech of any kind will be tolerated or allowed to be sold by a vendor.

We want to represent a wide variety of work at the market. To that end we are aiming to have no more than 6-8 artists in each category. If you make a variety of work we may ask you if you are willing to focus your production on the pieces that fit into a certain category.


How does the jury process work?
A group of sleep deprived teens from the Mattress Factory Teen Co-op will select vendors from the pool of applicants. This jurying board will look for appropriateness, unique and polished products, and the ability to make enough work to fill a table. All work deemed hate speech or intolerant speech will be disqualified during the jury process.


How much does it cost to participate in YAMM?
There is no admission cost to the market and there is no application fee. If you are accepted to be a vendor there is no cost to participate however, you do have to pay for the materials you use in your work.

You do not need to purchase museum admission to attend the market but if you want to go through the museum, normal museum admission rates apply.


When do applications close? When is the event?
Applications close March 8th. The event is on May 9th.


When will I know if I have been accepted?
Decisions will come out the weekend of March 20th via email!


What will the event look like?
YAMM is hosted by the Mattress Factory Teen Art Cooperative (COOP for short) and will take place in the museum lobby. The market will be taking place during regular museum hours on May 9th. It will be in the lobby, and there will be two long rows of tables running the length of the lobby, divided into sections for vendors. Vendors are welcome to store things underneath
their tables. Every artist will be responsible for having someone at their booth at all times. Set-up starts at 9:00 am. The event will run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, each vendor is expected to be there for the full length of the event.


How do Sales work?
Each maker and artist is responsible for their own pricing and sales. We strongly encourage the use of an app so that people can buy your work without the need for cash!


How do profits work? How are they split?
All profits go to the vendors! In an effort to encourage our young makers growth, whatever money you make from your personal sales is all yours!


Application Tips
Be yourself! Include pieces you’re proud of and be thorough with your descriptions. Please use quality images and read the terms and conditions. Good luck :)



Shopper Questions

When is the market?
YAMM is on May 9th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Do I need to purchase museum admission to visit the market?
Nope! The market is free, but if you want to purchase something or go through the exhibits in the museum, payment is required.


Do I need to be under 21 to visit the market?
Nope! The makers are 21 and under but we welcome all shoppers of all ages! Happy shopping :)


Where can I park?
The Mattress Factory lot parking lot is located at 509 Jacksonia Avenue, the lot is small and parking is first come first serve, but there is free street parking.