Diorama Obscura: Riding Fences 2003

Liza McConnell
New Installations: Artists in Residence, October 26, 2003 – June 27, 2004
mixed media

Liza McConnell s participatory work Diorama Obscura Riding Fences is activated by a viewer walking on a treadmill Lights dim and a street scene...


Liza McConnell’s participatory work, Diorama Obscura: Riding Fences, is activated by a viewer walking on a treadmill. Lights dim and a street scene at night appears.

About the Artist

Liza McConnell received her BFA from Cornell University in 1995 and studied 3-D computer modeling at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She received her MFA from Ohio University in 2001.  Her installations reflect her interests in technology and travel—incorporating a strong identity of place. Her work combines high tech with make-shift apparatuses, and video with drawing to produce idealized landscapes—much like 19th-century panoramas—where nature meets machine.