House Says 2012

Gill Wildman
Gestures 16: Intimate Friction, March 30 – November 30, 2012
cut vinyl

Curated by Mary Lou Arscott


Curated by Mary Lou Arscott

Artist Statement

1414 Monterey Street has seen a lot of life. It has taken different forms — from fancy food shop to a boarding house. In this piece I explore what its voice might be. I want to bring a sense of the house to life, so that the voice calls people to itself, and comments on what they are doing, seeing, thinking, feeling. Sometimes the house is flirtatious, sometimes it is dreamy — as if it loses focus in its past. Sometimes it is simply reminding people to enjoy its spaces. Using the kind of graphics that conventionally tell the story of an exhibition, it’s as if the house is telling its own story for a change.

About the Artist

Gill Wildman is an activist skillfully capturing the imagination and generating fresh forms of engagement. She is interested in the “design of people centered systems”  and how collaboration in businesses is the key (Plot London). In 2010, for two years, she was invited by Carnegie Mellon University to be the School of Design’s Nierenberg Chair.