The Raft 2010

Armando Mariño
Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art
automobile, polyester resin, performance

Also part of Queloides is Mari o s installation The Raft a 1950 s-era Plymouth supported by dozens of dark brown legs The piece...


Also part of Queloides is Mariño’s installation The Raft, a 1950’s-era Plymouth supported by dozens of dark brown legs. The piece can be interpreted on a number of levels—as a symbol of the labor of Afro-Cubans, a commentary on Cuba’s continued economic struggles, or an allusion to the attempt by some of Cuba’s inhabitants to float away from the island in cars.


Curated by Alejandro De La Fuente

About the Artist

Armando Mariño studied and later taught at the Instituto Superior Pedagógico, Havana. He lives and works in Spain and the Netherlands and is currently a resident artist in the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York. Mariño paints in a neo-surrealist style, juxtaposing often violent historical and contemporary images.